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Please Note: All products shipped from Audio Direct require a signature
that must
be provided, in person, at time of delivery.
You will be notified of your order being shipped via Email. The Email will be sent between 5:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time the day that the order ships. The status of an order can be checked any time, just Email with your question, and a reply will be sent promptly. Due to demand, some product's shipping time may be longer than stated. If the product's shipping time is off by more than 2 weeks an Email will be sent notifying you. If a product is out of stock for more than 30 days after it was ordered the order will automatically be canceled. Shipping is provided by UPS, and UPS Ground for the Continental U.S.. The United States Postal Service will be used for international orders.

UPS Ground Transit Times

International Orders
Audio Direct does ship to some countries outside of the United States. To place an order that will ship outside of the United States you must order on-line, use a credit card as the method of payment, and use a valid Email address. Soon after you order you will receive an Email giving you the shipping costs for your order. Your order will not be processed until you respond to the Email and agree to the shipping cost enclosed in that Email. The United States Postal Service will be used as the shipper for international orders.

Limitation of Liability on International Orders

Some products may not be shippable outside of the United States.
Any purchase that is shipped outside of the United States is subject to import and export taxes. These taxes and any other fee incurred, as a result of the shipment, are the sole responsibility of the customer.