Stream 7™ Speaker Cables

Stream 7™ Speaker Cables
Price: $42.00

Stream 7™

Available in Pairs or Singles (i.e., for center channel, subwoofer or mono)

When ordering 3 (or 5 or 7) individual cables, please order: 1 pair + 1 single 
(or 2 or 3 pairs + 1 single, as appropriate) 

The Stream 7 features Wireworld’s unique Dual DNA Helix™ cable design and is beautifully terminated using Uni-Term™ interchangeable Gold Spade lugs or Gold Banana plugs. 


Conductor material:  Oxygen-free copper
No. of conductors:  2
Insulation:  Composilex 2
Gauge:  16AWG - 1.25mm2
Cable design:  Dual DNA Helix™
Dimensions:  Dia 7.0mm (max)