Platinum Starlight® 7 USB A-Mini B Digital Audio Cable

Platinum Starlight™ 7 USB Digital Audio Cables
Price: $550.00

Platinum Starlight® 


The Platinum Starlight® USB audio cable is intended for the most discerning listeners and advanced audio systems, where its ability to reveal the natural timbre of acoustic instruments and voices is invaluable.

Featuring Wireworld’s proprietary DNA Helix® design technology, solid silver conductors and carbon fiber connectors, this award winning cable provides incredibly lifelike sound quality. The DNA Helix design has six conductors, double that of conventional USB cables, arranged in an innovative symmetrical geometry that preserves square waves nearly perfectly, delivering the richest sonic textures ever produced by computer based audio systems.

The fully isolated power conductor is insulated from the signal which helps eliminate electromagnetic interference and preserve signal purity.

Also Available as Type A plug to B 


Conductor material:

Solid silver

Available lengths:  0.5m, 1.0m & 2.0m only