Silver Starlight® 7 USB A-Mini B Digital Audio Cable

Silver Starlight™ 7 USB Digital Audio Cables
Price: $275.00

Silver Starlight® 

Providing sound quality that is second only to the Platinum Starlight, the Silver Starlight utilizes the same advanced design built with silver-clad OFC conductors and aluminium connectors. Both cables far exceed the official USB2.0 High Speed specifications to provide rewarding improvements in musical detail and dimensionality.

Featuring Wireworld’s proprietary DNA Helix® conductor geometry, Silver Starlight provides incredibly lifelike sound quality. The DNA Helix design has six conductors, double that of conventional USB cables, arranged in an innovative symmetrical geometry that preserves square waves nearly perfectly; delivering the richest sonic textures ever produced by computer based audio systems.

Another special feature of all Wireworld USB audio cables is a shielded, noise absorbing power conductor that is isolated from the signal conductors for cleaner power and the ultimate in sonic purity.

*Also Available as Type A plug to B


Conductor material:

Silver-clad oxygen-free copper

Available lengths:  0.5m, 1.0m & 2.0m only