Luna™ 7 RCA Interconnect Cables (Pair)

Luna 7 RCA Interconnect Cables
Price: $36.00
  • 2 RCA Male to 2 RCA Male Terminations
  • 24 AWG Oxygen-Free Copper Conductors
  • Composilex® 2 Insulation
  • DNA Dual Helix® Cable Design
  • Gold/Silver/OFC Plug Contact Materials
  • Gold-Tube™ Plugs
  • CL2/FT4

Luna™ 7


The Luna 7 utilizes Oxygen-Free Copper conductors in Wireworld’s unique Dual DNA Helix® cable design for holographic 3-D imaging. Composilex®2 is used for cleaner, quieter and a more dynamic sound. The Luna 7 also features Gold-Tube™ connectors for a pure copper signal path.

*Luna 7 is also available as balanced XLR featuring Wireworld's unique Tri DNA Helix® cable design